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Steven Messenger: Artist Profile

Steven Messenger

Steven Messenger is a nu jazz/electronica artist who has a knack for producing uncluttered yet interesting and innovative soundscapes for the ears that just plain make you feel good.

Steven began his career as a musician in the early 70's touring with some of the rock and soul classics of the time. He is a multi-talented songwriter, composer and musician who plays guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and the EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument).

Today Steven spends most of his time in his studio experimenting with sounds and recording songs that feel soothing, stimulating and uplifting for his listeners. His diverse influences include Booker T & the MG's, Fattburger, Yanni, John Klemmer, Buddy Rich, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, George Benson, Herb Ellis, BB King, James Taylor, Loggins & Messina.

Projects planned for the future include a 3D video animatronic interpretation of one of Steven's songs to create a unique and exciting sensory experience for his audience.

Remember - click on MUSIC to check out the new CD "Edge Of The Wall" and then click on BUY NOW! to buy the CD or individual song downloads. Steven is in the studio now, so stay tuned for more music to come.

Big Fat Skinny Records

BIG FAT SKINNY RECORDS is the independent record label for Steven Messenger.

Big Fat Skinny Records began in the 1970's as Grand West Records and later branched out into booking, publishing, production, marketing, accounting and management to help Artists achieve their musical goals in the Pacific Northwest.

Today Big Fat Skinny Records is back to its roots doing business from its headquarters in Southern California. The people at BFS Records are truly passionate about combining their experience in the industry with their Artist's musical talents to make more beautiful music available throughout the world.

Sky Puppet Music

As a music publisher Sky Puppet Music is committed to helping their Artists secure quality licensing opportunities for their songs and then managing, collecting, tracking and accounting for the resulting royalties.

Sky Puppet Music is the exclusive publisher for Steven Messenger's songs.