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Steven Messenger: News Journal

In The Grace Of Your Love - September 18, 2010

Check out this new song on CDBaby & iTunes. It is one of the best love songs I have ever heard.

Picture Perfect Photos - December 21, 2009

Check out this cool photogragher's website that put some Steven Messenger music up to play while viewing his very interesting photos.

Edge Of The Wall gets Licensed as a Soundtrack! - June 15, 2008

Edge Of The Wall was licensed as a soundtrack to an Australian producer doing a documentary on "Kenya Wildlife".

PBS 106.7 FM Radio Review - September 6, 2007

ATT: Jo Messuri.

Dear Ms. Messuri,
l am the music manager for radio station PBS FM 106-7 Melbourne Australia and we are one of the cities leading independent radio stations that specializes in Roots and Jazz music. With this independence we are free of the constraints of the corporate sector and government departments demands and expectations. Ratings show us out scoring commercial stations on a regular basis, what we are is one of the countries leading music stations. Music and just music is what we are about and the music is presented by passionate announcers who are all volunteers (all are considered to be among the most knowledgeable in their chosen music style), I have just received your wonderful cd's "Edge Of The Wall" by Steven Messenger, came to us through Radiodirectx, glad it did as we really love your stunning sophisticated Jazz, your style is dramatic, evocative and very subtle. The choice of material backed up with a smooth cooking band is marvelous and gels together into a lush sound that leaves no moment not treated to Steven's creativeness, This is the type of cd that has you wanting more and our audiences most certainly will love your sound. It certainly struck us as an extraordinary cd one that will be very well received by our astute audience. As with all the music that comes to the station we listen to the cd's and then decide as to where to allocate to gain the very best air time for the artists and label. Not only do we play the music but also like to promote the we sites as well. We love this cd so as to making a choice where to allocate to was extremely easy. We placed your music with 2 different shows of course, the first a show that has been on air here in Melbourne for seven years, specializing in Jazz and just Jazz, a show is very popular in this city. The show "Giant Steps" with Simon Bonney (noted Melbourne Jazz Bassist), Tuesday 11am to 1pm. Simon has been a leading part of the jazz music scene here for many years and is highly respected and listened to. The second is relatively new but already has proven to be very popular as it is presented from a different angle, the show "Sunday Sessions" is presented by Desi D every Sunday 1 to 3pm. Desi has also been part of the Jazz scene here for many years. Our station has over 400-000 listeners per week and over 6 million hits per month on our web site. You can check us out at also you can register at no cost and enable yourself to access our show archives. Once again thank-you for the music and welcome to PBS FM and of course Melbourne Australia. If l can be of help please don't hesitate to contact me.

regards Peter.

Edge Of The Wall release - September 4, 2007

September 4, 2007 was the release date of Steven Messenger's new Edge Of The Wall CD. The songs included in the project are a soothing blend of contemporary instrumental jazz that just flat makes you feel good. Available here - click on BUY NOW! or you can buy direct from,, or

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